Who is behind?

Who is behind?

Time to get to know the person behind. I have now gathered a lot of questions I have been asked and tried my best to answer them adequately!

1. How old are you? I am 18 years old and will turn 19 at the 23. of July.

2. Where do you live? I live in Denmark and I always have.

3. What is your favourite country? I don’t have a specific favourite country actually. I think most countries has got charm in their own way, but over all I believe that I like countries with a little higher temperatures than Denmark. I just love going to new places and countries – no matter what or where!

4. What do you do when you are not with your boys? I have been spending my days at High School (Gymnasium) for the past 2.5 year, but will graduate this summer, which I am looking VERY much forward to! Except from that I am a cleaner at the local animal clinic to earn some money. Who would have ever guessed that 2 horses is quite expensive? 😮

5. Is your hair naturally blonde? Yes, I am naturally blonde and my hair has never been died! Actually I have never been at a hairdresser? My hair has just grown and I haven’t really done anything to get it that way. Except from letting my horses eat it a little once in a while of course – haha!

6. How many horses have you owned? I have ‘only’ owned 2 horses in my life. Torrin and Alvaro. Alvaro was my first horse, and I bought him when I was 16 years old. He was 3 years at the time. Torrin came to me when I was 18 and he was (and still is) 2 years old. I will write the whole story about Torrin someday!


7. When did you start working with horses? I have been working with horses since the age of 8, which is now 10 years ago. When I started school many years ago some of my friends were riding, and I started getting interested as well. I had always been fascinated by horses though. Until this point I had been a ‘dancer’, but my fascination of horses were immediately there when I started getting close to them. After a couple of years I had to quit dancing because riding had become my main-interest and it was quite time-consuming as well as expensive.

8. Who takes your photos? All of my photos (more or less) are taken by my mom with my camera and equipment. I do photographing myself in my spare time, and therefore I have some quite professional equipment in which I have invested a lot of money. My mother is not a photographer, but she has a great eye for angles, moments and perspectives!

9. What made you start riding bitless and bareback? Nothing specific made me start riding bitless and bareback. It just came a bit by itself. I started exploring when I was younger on the pony I rode, who was an amazing pony! She was much of an all-round pony and that allowed me to safely try riding without equipment and such. What I figured out by all this experimenting was that bit and saddle was unnecessary for both me and the horse. We understood each other perfectly fine and it was more fun to be different from the other ‘traditional’ riders. I guess I have just been holding on to it ever since. Even though we did a lot of riding without equipment she allowed me to experiment with some western-inspired riding as well. To re-educate her by myself was a lot of fun!

DSC_0761 kopi-4.jpg

10. What is a normal day to you? A normal day. Here comes an example!

  • Getting up at 06.30
  • School from around 08.10-15.00
  • Directly home and going to the boys
  • Home eating dinner
  • Doing homework
  • Watching series (Bones or Game of Thrones)
  • Going to bed around 22 o’clock

11. What would you like to do that you have never done? I don’t think I can pick out one thing, but I’ll try! To stay in the horse-theme I would so much like to try swimming with my horses!

12. What inspires you? That is a huge question, but many things does. I get inspiration from lots of different persons and places. What inspires me must I must say is my dreams. All the things I would love to do someday inspires me and keeps up my motivation. Seeing other people reaching their goals or evolving is very motivating as well, but so is it when I reach goals myself or feel how things change to the better!

13. Have you always been patient and considerate or has that arrived later? That is some of a question, and a lovely impression to give! I have always been told that I was very patient when I was younger. So I guess it has always been that way, and I am very thankful that I have patience in my handling of horses! I guess consideration comes with love? When you love someone to the bits you would do a lot for them to make them feel good!

14. What inspires you to dedicate so much time to your horses? Once again I believe one of the answers is love. I love spending time with my boys for several reasons. It makes me forget about the rest of the world for a moment. I calms me down when I am stressed. I fills me up with joy, happiness and love. One of the reasons of course is also that I love training or exploring with my horses. I believe most of us loves to succeed in whatever we do, and so do I when I reach a new goal with either Torrin or Alvaro. Or when I reach a personal goal for that matter!


15. Except from horses what else do you enjoy in life? I must admit that greater part of what I do in my life relates to horses in some way. But of course there are other things too! Photographing I enjoy a lot. Human, animals and nature. I don’t really mind the theme. The past couple of years I have actually started photographing rally, which certainly is the complete opposite from horses. It is noise, speed and suspense. Either way I enjoy it a lot and capturing the perfect picture of a rally car in the air is always a pleasure!

16. What would you suggest to someone who is trying do get a better relationship and training with their horse? This is a question that takes a lot of words to answer. I actually wrote a post considering this exact theme some time ago – it is available at this blog as well and it is called “Calmness and trust”. To sum it up briefly some of my favourite ways to create a better bond is to take walks side by side, do environment training and have peaceful moments together. Besides just trying to be understanding to your horse is a HUGE step in the right direction!

If you have other questions leave a comment below or ask me on Instagram!

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