What is inside shows outside

What is inside shows outside

How is your mindset when you are with your horse?

I know how mine is – most of the time at least. Otherwise I try to find out or change it if needed. It is common to most that the horses reflect how we feel or act. If your are insecure, your horse most likely will be as well. If you are openminded and happy, your horse most likely will be as well.  This is something you need to have in mind if you wish to affect your horse in a specific direction… The thing is that our mind is very likely to affect our bodies and body language. With a horse who reads body language that can be a struggle sometimes if you are not aware of neither mind or body.

I personally love calmness, smoothness and initiative in my horses, and therefore that is what I must contain when I am with them – in mind and body. I can’t expect them to trot around in relaxation if my mind is elsewhere or suffering from overthinking. In this case my body would be stiff and tense, which is not what I want and certainly not what I want my horse to reflect.


My point is that before you expect anything from your horse, you should consider what is on the inside of yourself, because that is usually what you will get. Sometimes it is easy to feel and other times it can be easier to look at the horse and see how he is acting.

It is so easy to correct that sweet little pony of yours a hundred times without getting any result. Instead it would often be a great help to take a look at yourself and consider if you might be the problem? I have tried it lots of times myself. Correcting, correcting, correcting – and nothing gets better! I think we all know that situation… I have later on tried to correct myself, and as soon as I have corrected MYSELF the horse has done things perfectly.

From my point of view that is really important to remember. What is inside you will be seen outside in your horse as well as yourself. Before correcting the horse, you should figure out what you are actually asking him to do with your mind and body. Then correct YOURSELF first…




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