Story of Torrin

Story of Torrin

I guess nothing more unexpected could have ever happened. One thing is that dream about having your two horses. Standing in the middle of a couple of pretty souls. Two different horses in different sizes and shapes. Another thing is to suddenly stand in the middle of that dream…

It came out of nowhere in the middle of the summer 2015. A picture of a beautiful little pony popped up on my Facebook-feed. I got completely enchanted by the pictures. He looked like no horse I had ever seen. So powerful, strong and yet so young. I had never heard of the breed and I immediately looked Highland Pony up in my giant book about horse breeds. What I read impressed me and woke up my curiosity.


I ran downstairs briefly afterwards and started introducing my parents to Torrin. Showing pictures, telling about the breed and searching for the slightest possibility to move on with this dream. I had no money for a second horse, but either way I started writing with the owner. She encouraged me to come visit him and short time passed before I drove of with my mother and met him for the first time. From this moment I was in love and so was my mother. We couldn’t help ourselves. A solution had to be found.

He was so unlike Alvaro and yet his kindness reminded me so much of him. There was just something about him. The zebra-stripes on his legs, the dorsal stripe and his small, but extremely mild eyes. His strength when he galloped of and his aspire to be with humans. His curiosity was so likeable and yet he was a little sceptical. Time passed and only 1 month later we drove off again. I met him for the second time and this time I brought him home with me. On the 25th of October 2015 he came home.


We have now known each other for half a year and I don’t even feel able to the describe the transformation he has gone through already. Not only has he found so much calmness in himself, he has also opened up. He now dares to let out his energy with me and to be in his own body. We are starting to have beautiful moments in total calmness and the same time we are starting to discover the energy and strength that lives inside him.

This is going to be beautiful. We have started an amazing journey and I am so excited to see where we end up!


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