Torrin’s misfortune

Torrin’s misfortune

This monday noon my mother drove to the horses to check up on them and let them in from their grass pasture. It was rather unusual that all of them had already gone in by themselves and that Torrin would be laying down in the middle of the day with the others guarding their shelter. By the time Torrin got back up my mother realized really quickly that something was wrong as he wouldn’t put any pressure on the leg and  at the same time his hock had swollen to double size of the other leg. I had not yet visited the boys on this day and just half an hour earlier I had taken the train to my boyfriend which made me completely unable to do anything whatsoever or see it live myself… Obviously I didn’t feel very good about that and I would have to wait 5 more hours until I could be there to take a look at him and his exceptionally swollen hock.

(the swelling is much smaller here than when we found him monday, but can still be seen)

When I finally got out there in the late evening his leg was still huge. He did not like anyone touching it and still didn’t feel good about putting pressure on it. Since it all happened around a joint we feared that he might had been kicked and damaged the bone or strained the something in that area. Those were the most likely opportunities and neither were specifically appealing. It was too late to get out a vet and we decided to give him the night to see if the swelling would decrease or whatever might happened with rest during the dark hours. It turned out the next morning that it was totally the same and if everything it even looked a bit bigger than yesterday. NOT GOOD!

I called for the vet, but unfortunately he would not be able to see us until later in the afternoon or evening. During the day I took out Torrin to cool down his leg in case it was swollen as a result of overload or distraction and when I turned him back out on the pasture he seemed to be a bit better. At least he suddenly thought it was a nice idea to trot which I tried to talk him from since we still had no clue what had happened to the joint or the leg… All those hours from early morning and until 17.30 felt like forever, but finally I got a text from the vet that he would soon be with us. So far so good!

I had told the vet on the phone that there was no wounds, blood etc., but when I went after Torrin he suddenly had blood running down his hindleg. Inside the stable we went with the vet and he asked me if he could clip off Torrin’s hair around the swelling. Torrin has never seen a clipping machine before, but what else could I say than “yes”? He lifted up his leg, turned on the clipper and cut off the hair in a little area. Torrin stood PERFECTLY still during the whole thing even though the machine was noisy, his leg was hurting and a stranger was pulling around his leg. What a super star – lots of treats for the little man!

The vet was able to see within a very short time a little wound from where the blood had been streaming and also when he presses a little on the swelling lots of inflammation poured out. As it turned out Torrin has at an unknown moment made a little wound/scratch on himself that we haven’t seen. Afterwards bacteria has gotten into the wound and been encapsulated when the wound has healed. That has caused a huge infection inside the leg that suddenly starting swelling up around the whole joint… Phew – that was quite a relief. Still not good of course, but it could have been so much worse!

Torrin got ordinated antibiotics for the next week twice a day and we need to wash the wound twice a day as well. Also I have been instructed to scratch and “annoy” the wound to make sure it does not close and keeps the rest of the inflammation from getting out. This morning I drove to the boys and took Torrin in to wash and feed him the medication. He happily ate the antibiotics and stood so quietly while I washed, scrubbed and massaged the wound and swelling. I am so proud of him really! He has never tried this kind of treatment and stuff before, but he managed it all like a perfect gentleman. Hopefully he will be back to normal and be annoying and all over the place again soon!

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