Many of you have been asking me what books I read and it don’t think I have ever really got it pointed out. I have read a load of different books, but this time of course the matter will be on books considering horses. SURPRISE!

Okay so things has changed for me over the years. Changed in what authors I read and what kind of training philosophies and ways of life I am looking into. Somehow I feel like I have found my shelf after all and I think that this is where I will stay for a very long time – if not forever. I think I have more or less found my direction in my reading and I must admit…


It is actually a little depressing to admit, but multiple times I have found myself in a situation where I almost got a little depressed from reading because the content of the books have hit me so deeply that I want to follow my dreams right away. Move to a foreign country and live in the forest or in the mountains only surrounded by nature and my horses. When I end up like that it is certain that I have found myself a book worth reading!

Here it goes. A top 10 list of the books I have read:

1. The Tao of Equus
The book is written by Linda Kohanov and she totally blew me away. This is her first book and also the first one I read by her, but most definitely not the last! It is a mix up of personal experiences, mythology and research that will apprehend your mind and soul right away. She describes how the horses can mirror the feelings we desperately tries to hide inside and help us to understand and be aware of our true feelings. This is an eye-opener to everyone – not only for people working with horses. A book that will make your eyes wet, your heart warm and your mind open…

2. The Message from the Horse
This is one of those times were I sat with the book for hours. Couldn’t put it away, but lived in my own bubble of dreams and imagination whenever I did. Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling has allowed us into the world of his and tells the story of how he found connection to and understanding of the horses. He searches for meaning and understanding which brings him into situations, places and experiences you would never imagine. The book is not much about horses, but more of a personal development that will move your heart and soul. A philosophical narration of finding the truths and the self.

3. Naked Liberty
Carolyn Resnick tells the story of how she fought the be accepted in a herd of wild horses. The story really caught my attention while I was reading and it was an amazing story that woke up the hunger in me for adventures. Besides she has made beautiful observations while being in the wild with the horses and I can only say that this is a book worth reading.


4. Riding Between the Worlds
Another one of Linda Kohanov’s books. This is the follow-up to The Tao of Equus and it is very much like it in structure, content and message. Yet it is different of course, but also extremely amazing and worth a read!

5. The Power of the Herd
Linda Kohanov once again – she is doing a good job with her books! This one is very different from the other two mentioned while it focuses more on workplaces, friendships and relationships. It uses the insights from the horses to share knowledge on nonverbal communication and “nonpredatory power” among people to improve our way of acting and being with each other. Assertiveness, creativity, dealing with conflict and mind-body awareness are some of the keywords of this book. I would honestly say that it would be a gift for you AND everybody around you to read this book. To understand human beings including yourself and know how to deal with them.

6. Horses Never Lie
Mark Rashid challenges the conventional ‘alpha leadership’ approach to horses and replaces it with a more passive and understanding way of being with horses. I read this book several years ago, but back then it was a great step in the right direction of seeing the horse as an equal instead of a slave or property. What I remember from my reading back then is that this book provided me with lovely stories and a refreshing view on horses. Or at least a confirmation that being with the horse on equal terms was possible as I thought and that horses with ease took on responsibility and provided safety for their human friends when they were treated as such.

7. A Good Horse Is Never a Bad Color
Another story by Mark Rashid that once again shares tellings on training horses through communication rather than force. More great stories are to be found in this book!


So I just realised that these are my so far favourites (mostly the top 5) and I actually promised you a top 10. Well… That is problem. Therefore I just decided to pretend to be psychic and predict the last 3 books on my future top 10-list for you. For obvious reasons I don’t know how they will be ranked on the list yet, but I feel pretty confident that they will all be ranked very well!

8. The Way of the Horse
Written by Linda Kohanov. This will be the next book to read on my list. I am very excited to get started with this one!

9. The Five Roles of a Master Herder
Written by Linda Kohanov. Hope you don’t feel surprised to see another one of her books in my list. She has done so well in her writings and thanks to that I have gathered all of her books already. This will be on the reading list after The Way of the Horse. 

10. Horse as Teacher, The Path to Authenticity
Written by Kathy Pike. I have great expectations to this book after reading the reviews.
(I have not bought this book yet and that is why it is not in the photo below)


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