The very beginning…

The very beginning…

As most little girls I always dreamt about having my own horse, but until a few years ago it was never realistic. I kept looking at sales horses, knowing that I couldn’t get any of them, and then Alvaro suddenly showed up. A 2.5 year old PRE stallion. I was in love. For more than 9 months I kept staring at the picture of him every day. I wrote his name on a little paper scrap, and slept with it under my pillow for several months. It was clear to my mom that I had fallen completely in love, and so we drove our way to Alvaro to see him. It would have been very practical if he had been nothing like I expected, but of course that wasn’t the case. He came galopping over a hill, stopped at the top and stood there as a proud stallion looking at us. We got closer to him and he was very cautious and modest. A little insecure, but yet so amazing…


From the first time I saw him half a year passed until I saw him again.  There was just something magical about him. It was with a lump in our stomachs that we decided to carry on this dream. Papers got fixed, and the vet got booked for the castration. I was with him on the big day and helped during the operation. I felt that it was my duty to be there with him since it was my decision to put him through this.


A couple of weeks passed after the operation and it was time to get him home. I was completely out of myself knowing that he was on his way, and I crossed all I had that he would travel without problems. So he did, and before I knew it the trailer was in sight. When he got out of the trailer the rope was given to me. There I stood. With a young prince by my side and from this day we were supposed to travel together!

DSC_2109The pictures are taken the day he arrived. He is 3.5 years old in these pictures.

2 thoughts on “The very beginning…”

  • Man….. I wish it was that simple for me XD ha-ha.
    I’ve always grown up in the city. My family was and is, way to poor to own a horse. Let alone a dog and 5 kids XD
    If its OK to ask, did you save up to get Alvaro?
    Did you already have land?
    We’re you prepared and equipt before you got him?
    And were there any surprise bills that you think someone like me should look out for when buying my first horse?

  • It simple, but trust me it wasn’t! My parents support me a lot with my horses, and also helped me buying him, but yes, it took a LOT to save up to. He is not living where I live, but on a farm nearby. Wish I could have him and Torrin at home though… I had been with horses for years when I got Alvaro, but never a youngster. I didn’t know much about training a youngster, but as I said in the other reply – my intuition has carried me through 😉 Equipment? No, I didn’t have much actually, but of course a few things from earlier. With horses you can always risk to get a surprise bill if he needs the vet. I have been really lucky so far, and neither Torrin or Alvaro has ever been sick!

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