Christmas is a time for appreciation, gratefulness and love. Therefore I believe it is time for me to thank all of you out there who spreads light, happiness and love in my life every single day. I might not know most of you in person, but yet I feel like I actually do in some way. Those of you who comment and write to me in private offers me so much joy and support that I can hardly believe it myself! I am not even sure if I can count the numbers of times I have been smiling to my phone like a crazy person or tears have been rising in my eyes from reading your personal stories and messages to me. Each and every comment or message contains so much soul and honesty that it blows me away every time…

I want to admit that I use a lot of time preparing photos, writing blog posts, updating on Instagram and many other things, but every single time I receive your responses it makes it all feel so much worth it. And even though I might not get to answer you every time – know that I have taken your words with me in my heart. I feel like I spend my time working on a greater purpose when I am told of the differences it has made in your lives or with your horses. To me it is a gift to be able to share my story with you all and the gift grows so much when it actually makes a change for some of you!


I started sharing my story online years ago, but at that point I never really had a purpose. It was mostly for fun and to gather my everyday experiences in one place. Step by step I found my path in this virtual world and all of a sudden I felt like actually having a purpose with my sharings. I did not find this purpose on my own, but I opened my eyes to it because YOU made me see it. You told me about yourselves and your horses. You asked for a second opinions. You told me how my experiences helped you see things in a new way. I was so overwhelmed all the time (and I still am), but it made my path very clear to me. I know now that my purpose with all of this lies in being a part of YOUR journeys! To grow as  a person myself from taking part in your stories and to help you grow from sharing mine.

What I wanted to say was thank you! Thank you so much to every single one of you out there who spends time responding, texting and giving me encouragement to keep it all going. Thank you for inspiring me and providing me new ideas, considerations and thoughts. I can’t even put into words how much I appreciate your support, kind words and heartwarming beings. You are amazing – every single one of you – and I feel so blessed for being given the opportunity to meet you in my own little magical world online.



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