“Since a long time yet Sophie inspires me so much regarding the work with horses based on trust, friendship and true (!) voluntariness. During the past 3 weeks I took part in a video coaching and I enjoyed it so much! Sophie is a great teacher, setting the focus not on what or how the horse has to change but on improving oneself so that both horse and human can connect even better, with deep awareness for each other. During the sessions we talked intensively about my body and how I am influencing the horse with my movements. With Sophies help I was able to become aware of some habits and tensions and with letting go, I received so much more calmness ans suppleness within our two bodies. My horse instantly gave me a great feedback and lots of exercises improved just by working with my own body. Sophie as well gave me some inspiration regarding the mental connection with my horse. I enjoyed so much to listen to her thoughts and always felt understood so well. I would like to motivate every horse person to listen to Sophies words since everyone will find a lot of wisdom within.”
– Alessa Neuner