Telepathy course pt. 2

Telepathy course pt. 2

In the first weekend of October I was off once again to attend the second weekend of my telepathy course. I was rather excited about this weekend because I had already been informed that this weekend we would be addressing the subject of communicating with deceased animals. Quite a challenge, I thought to myself. Below I have just summed up the program for the weekend.

Module 3:

  • Guided hypnosis and meditation

  • Knowledge about spiritual guides and differences between guides and deceased m.

  • Meeting our spiritual guides

  • Overshadowing by our spiritual guides

  • The difference between humans and animals on the other side

Module 4: ​

  • Guided hypnosis and meditation with spiritual guides
  • Knowledge about getting in contact with deceased animals

  • Telepathy with deceased animals

  • Introducing question lists for deceased animals

  • Examination of cause of death

  • Ethical aspects of communication with deceased animals

Once again I went home both days so full of new insight, experiences and thoughts. It was a little bit transboundary to know that the animals we were looking at on the photos were no longer walking among us on this earth and we were also challenged to see if we could found out about their cause of death. Sadly the two animals I communicated with had unknown causes of death so we couldn’t really confirm or deny anything. Yet some of the others were lucky enough to have great success on this task. One of the other students were on this task as she sensed an allergic reaction on the dog she communicated with as she asked about cause of death. It turned out that he had actually died from an allergic reaction after being stung by a bee…

One of the things that amazed me most about this weekend was the introduction to our spiritual guides. I have never heard about the concept before, but as it was introduced these spiritual guides are former people who are no longer deceased, but have “moved on” so to speak. In the spiritual world human beings who die becomes deceased and they will continue to be as long as someone is thinking about them or grieving over them. Afterwards they will move on to the universe and they can become spiritual guides for people walking on this earth. These were the guides we were told to ask for support.

As I heard about all of this I didn’t really know what to think. It sounded supernatural and a little bit beyond my imagination, but you need an open mind in order to learn and experience new things so of course I went along with the idea. We teamed up in groups of two and I was the one going first. I sat on a chair, closed my eyes and asked my guides to join me and come closer to me. I asked for one of  them to overshadow me and that is when things became crazy. At this point I started feeling how my body felt heavy, tired and mired. I literally felt like I was unable to sit up straight and as I gave in my upper body just moved further downwards until I almost laid my upper body on my thighs. I felt like chained to the stool.

Just then we were told to ask our guide to step back and another one to overshadow instead. As I felt this cold breeze and “pushing” on my back I felt how things changed in my body. I was like “how on earth can I sit like this, I need to sit up. This feels awful” and just like that I started straightening up my body again until I sat even more straight than ever before. I felt light in my body and behind my eyelids everything seemed light as well. When we were asking our guide to step away completely and open our eyes again I felt like someone turned off the lights. It felt so dark in the room when in reality nothing had changed. At the same my body collapsed a little bit and I ended up in my normal sitting posture…

If you think this sounds completely insane and out of line – I agree. That is what I thought as I sat there, but I can only be honest about what I felt and experienced. It was a beautiful, powerful experience and I have never tried anything like it!

This second weekend did for sure clear up some things for me and I could sense that things were flowing more easily for me this time as well. There was a lot of feelings during this weekend to most of the attending due to their love for the ones they had lost through time, but everything was so pure and full of love… Do you want to attend this course yourself? Have a look at:

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