Talking to the boys

Talking to the boys

That is exactly what happened this monday. We had Amanda on a visit who works with telepathy and communication with animals. Already from the very moment she stepped inside the shelter a magical quietness lowered on both boys. Even Torrin who normally runs out of patience within just a few minutes stood patiently and quietly for no less than 2,5 hour while she was there. Alvaro had the first session and while he nuzzled her hair and licked her hand, Torrin listened and slept a bit in the opening of the shelter. Afterwards he has a session on his own and the two of them then switched roles. It was like they supported each other on turn…


I was so happy and fascinated when she left again from all the subjects we had touched during the sessions. We got to talk about some episodes/incidents with Alvaro that only myself and my mother know about. Deep inside I already knew what she told me when she handed over his part of the story in the finest and purest way. Also she was able to tell me some specific things that were important to him to be able to get over this issue in the future. Those were keywords I have been looking for for almost 2 years by now! Hopefully that means that we can now move on and be able to overcome the struggles we have previously fought with. Furthermore I was amazed by the feeling she had for both of the boys and how she could describe little things about their personalities that you wouldn’t know unless you have been training them.


It was especially important to me to talk about the issues that has been in Alvaro’s body since last summer. Amanda was able to precisely summarize the pain and the location of it, but also what had caused it in the first place. At last she could confirm from the prince himself that he felt much better in his body now and doesn’t have pain anymore. That he feels more comfortable and happy with playing and training once again. She described to me how he much he finds joy from making me happy during training and how it motivates him to see that I become joyful from his efforts and successes. Also he made it clear that he did not feel that way about everyone and that he obviously wouldn’t do that to make her or someone else happy. I could not help myself but smile about when she said that out loud…


With Torrin she put great importance into telling me about his young and playful personality. As she got it from him he didn’t really see the point of doing any serious training right now, but instead he much rather prefers to just play all the time. He loves to be spontaneous, loves to do a lot of different things instead of focusing on one task and she described how he actually does know that his ‘good ideas’ are not always that good. Also that he knows that he can be rather annoying, but that he simply can’t help himself and actually feels a bit sad when he knows he is getting on someones nerves. I just felt like hugging him when he stood all quietly and looked like such an angel.


She pointed out several times the differences between them and how they are really complete opposites. As much as Torrin loves to be spontaneous, Alvaro wants to know what is going to happen, when and how. As much as Torrin loves to do a lot of different things and doesn’t really mind if he even does them right, Alvaro can’t handle to many different things and is quite a perfectionist who doesn’t wants to do things perfectly. Of course I knew that they were extremely different, but it was just so nice and so much fun to have the words put onto them like this. One of the things that truly made me happy was to hear that they both really feel like they are being heard, accepted and understood in the training. What more could I possibly wish for!


Oh yes – I could write pages about all these interesting things we talked about! It was such a beautiful and amazing experience and it was obvious that both the boys really enjoyed and appreciated her presence and attention. They both ADORED her. It was just so autenthic, honest and earthly. I can only give my kindest words to Amanda for the lovely job she did with my boys and the great experience we all had!

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