Struggles of an Instagrammer

Struggles of an Instagrammer

Or blogger? Or Facebooker? Is there even a term for this? An onliner maybe? I totally need to figure out what the term for all of this should be… Or if one already exists!

1. You need pictures of everything. Not only pictures. Good pictures. You need to figure out location, clothing, themes (if wanted), equipment for the horses and I could go on for hours. You also need to decide what kind of weather is working for the shoot or if the shoot should be depending on the weather? Is it the weather for the photo or the photo for the weather? I could be both actually – like with photos in the mist. Those are never planned shoots, but when the weather is like that you simply can’t resist but to pull out the camera and go make some photos right away!

2. You need ideas. Loads of ideas. Not only ideas for all of these already mentioned photos which as you might understand is no easy task. Ideas – yes. You need to come up with ideas for new blog posts for example. What should the topic be? What should my point be and how am I going to write it all down? I have really gone all into the mindset of typing down every single idea I get. At the current moment I am on 13 blog post drafts in my WordPress archive each containing an idea. Some are only with a heading while others have evolved into around 700 words at the moment.


3. You need time. Oh gosh I never thought I would get to spend so much time being online! Writing takes time. Getting ideas takes time. Picking out pictures and editing them takes time. I don’t even want to know for how many hours a day I am online at the moment, but I keep telling myself that I will minimize the amount of time as soon as I get this blog up and running once and for all. Which brings me to my next point…

4. You need IT-skills. Setting up a blog all by yourself with no further knowledge about it is not as easy as I thought. Or well… Parts of it were quite easy, but making your blog exactly the way you want it takes blood and tears (well… not literally). A little frustration might sneak up on you when things doesn’t act out like you think they should though. Thank you Google and clever people out there who have saved me from my IT-misery a few times already – what would I have done without you! I pray to you as I would pray to the mighty Buddha in my room.


5. You need a good camera. At least if you intend on taking your own pictures instead of hiring a photographer. I think I would be living in a cardboard box in a back yard if I should have paid a photographer each time I wanted to make photos. I would be so broke at the moment haha! Fortunately I am in the lucky situation of having a mother who does awesome photography with my camera equipment and I can’t thank her enough for that. It is always so exciting to wander off with her and the camera and see what comes out of it! And how do you see and edit the results in the best possible way afterwards?


6. You need a photo editing program. I can only say from my own experience that I would not know how to survive all my photos without Lightroom 5. Since all photos are taken by myself or my mother I am the one to pick out and edit ALL pictures. That often means sorting between 500-1000 pictures after each photoshoot and then edit around 50-80 of them. Having a program such as Lightroom literally makes my day after photoshoots because I can easily save my photos, sort them and edit the ones I have picked out.


7. You need video editing program. Besides from Lightroom I think iMovie is one of the most used programs on my computer. I don’t know how I would have edited, clipped and looked through all my videos otherwise. It is worth a million to be able to edit your video clips and put them together with music, effects, text and everything else you need for a video to be a little more fun to watch.

8. You need loads of space on your computer. I honestly don’t think I can count the number of times I have been telling my computer what an idiot it was when it suddenly said “You have got no more space available”. Like WHAT? What am I supposed to do then? Where should photos, texts, videos, collages and everything else go?! Of course the obvious answer is an external harddrive and yes – I do owe one. But let’s be honest. It is so boring to get it all sorted nicely in your external harddrive and you do not always have it nearby. Therefore the easier solution would be to just tell your computer ugly words. It is always working! Or well… At the moment you seem to believe it will be working at least.



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