Reaching calmness

Reaching calmness

To reach calmness… I believe that is what we did today. We reached a state of real calmness. We became aware of our bodies and sensed ourselves, each other and the world around us in a way not comparable to any other I have been a part of.

Weather was nice and clear while we stood there. Just the three of us. I was standing in the middle with a boy on each side and already then it felt like all I could ever ask for. The wind was blowing just slightly and I felt its mildness in my face. As the moments passed we were all carried away by calmness and presence. One by one we doze off and forgot about time and place. No doubt that I was the one to which this moment was most special, while neither of the boys have to put and effort in being present. Either way I am certain that I wasn’t the only one enjoying how things evolved and turned out!

Leaving all thoughts behind and concentrate on the moment is no easy job – not for me at least. Surprisingly I suddenly found myself feeling present. I focused on my breathing. Focused on the sounds around me and started feeling the rhythm of my heart. Meanwhile Alvaro and Torrin took in deep breaths and started falling asleep while alternately hanging on their hindlegs. At some point Alvaro started moving around. At first I thought he was going to leave me, but either way I just kept standing in my spot. I felt how he started searching downwards and within a few seconds he had placed himself in the straw just behind me. So close that I could feel his breath on my legs. Torrin soon copied his idea and shortly afterwards both of my boys had laid down to take a nap.


I had now become the protector of the herd which allowed Alvaro to completely relax. He calmed down very fast and started dreaming after a little while. I couldn’t help myself but smile while listening to his cute sounds and the lively muzzle in the straw while he was being carried away by his dreams.

I actually felt quite honoured. Alvaro had passed on the responsibility of the herd’s safety and I really felt like I had to take this turn and fill out my role. He had put his faith and trust in me. Therefore I kept my position in the opening of the shelter for the next 20 minutes while they slept and were allowed to enjoy the calmness.

Today was a day of calmness, trust and beauty. I am forever thankful for this experience given to me by the boys of mine!

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  • This is amazing! I cannot believe this! this is everything I hope to reach with my rescue horse! she is a lot like Alvaro from what I know about him! and i hope one day she will be able to trust me that much! its amazing what you do and it gives me great inspiration! <3

    • Thank you so much! I am really honoured that I can give you some inspiration. It sounds amazing with your rescue horse – I am sure the two of you will be great together with the intentions you have by now <3

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