Prevention instead of treatment

Prevention instead of treatment

The week before I went to Gotland I decided it was time for a check-up on Alvaro. During his long period of sickness he had the chance of meeting many different people who all had amazing skills with treating different kinds of struggles in horses. It is thanks to all of them that I do have a happy and well-functioning horse today and I am forever grateful to every single one of them…

This time I reached out to Filichia once again who has been doing both healing and cranio-sacral therapy on Alvaro. It was not due to any specific issue I decided to make an appointment with her, but because I believe that it is always better to prevent instead of treating. Filichia has recently started doing acupuncture as well and I was very excited to see how Alvaro would respond to that kind of treatment. He greeted her kindly and was during the whole time very present and susceptible to whatever she suggested or presented to him. It was obvious that he really enjoyed the attention on his body and he had many long periods of yawning and releasing tensions in his whole body. We worked specifically on some of the more obvious issues that could be seen when he was moving.

The first exciting thing that Filichia brought up was a rather extreme tightness in his castration scar. I have never had this mentioned to me previously so I was very happy that she put words to the problem. As she said the tightness in the scar is an issue preventing him from stepping properly under himself as well as carrying correctly from behind. That also means that collection will be more difficult (and uncomfortable) and it also gives some reason to why the canter departures might have been harder to him than what would be expected. She worked on the scar with cranio-sacral therapy and helped loosen it up a bit to allow him more freedom from hind and through the back.

Afterwards she went along to the top of his hindquarters where she continued to work on his movement and softness in that area. She located his tensions with her fingers and looked for soreness in his muscles as well. When they were localised she pulled up the little acupuncture needles in put them in the correct spots. It was rather incredible to see how he one second pulled away when she pushed in specific spots and the next had completely let go of the soreness and tension. They truly worked magic on him and he stood perfectly still why she placed every needle with great precision.

Next up was the neck and head. As some of you might remember we still believe that what caused Alvaro great problems last year (and lasted for 9 months) was a pull on the neck from stepping on the leash in the halter. That means that he has felt a lot of pain up there and been very retaining with letting any treater touch him up there whatsoever. Same thing happened when Filichia tried to get closer to his neck to look for tensions. It was obvious that he was not confident about the situation. She then pulled up something I have never heard about before…. Acupuncture patches! She held the little patch in her hand and slowly pulled it over his fur – about 0,5 cm from his skin. The patch felt by itself when it passed a tension and then it literally STUCK to him without her doing a thing?! It seriously looked crazy! She then gave them some time to work their effect while concentrating on some other parts of his body…

When those 5 minutes had passed she went back to his neck area. This time he did not say a thing! He simply stood still and completely allowed her to do what she originally wanted to do! I was amazed from head to toe to be honest. Some of the other things she had a look on was his back and his head. In his head it was more specifically his jaws that was in focus as they tend to cause him a bit of problems once in a while. Once again he was more than happy to just take it all in.

A little more than one hour had passed when we ended the session. Alvaro was so tired and it was obvious that his body had something to work on now. Our goal with this session was to allow him more movement through he back so he could carry himself better and even though we did not get it as perfect as we wanted, he still showed us approved stepping under afterwards compared to before. It was great to see some improvement straight away! Filichia will join us again in september for another treatment and to check up on Alvaro. I am already looking forward!

If you are curious about Filichia and consider booking her for a visit (in Denmark) you can find much more information on her website HealingAngelHeart. Simply click the link and you will be directed to her website right away!

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