Our 2016

Our 2016

I know I am a little late with this one, but suddenly I really felt like getting all these ups and downs written in letters on my blog! I have had a very eventful year I believe and many things has happened in my private life as well as with the horses. I think I would state my year to be an overall great year, but of course there are always some things you could have lived without. That is just how life is and here goes come some of the biggest events in 2016 from my life. How awesome is it that most of what came into my mind are actually really good things?! I have decided to split it into some headers with some of the most important things that came into my mind when I summarised my year to myself. Enjoy!

I think this might be the event I have been looking most forward to in the past and what an amazing day that was! After 3 years of suppressing myself and everything I stand for to fit into High School-rules I finally graduated and felt the freedom once again. It is not that High School was no good at all, but I must honestly admit that it totally wasn’t my thing. I had probably chosen the wrong classes too because I used to think I wanted to become a vet and then I suddenly found myself stuck with Biotechnology, Mathematic and Physic as my main classes. Did I mention that I am not much of a natural sciences type? I like to think that something good came out of it and as everybody says, “It is always great to have“. I guess that is true and even though I could most certainly have spend my time otherwise I feel so proud that I am done, I came through it and I got out on the other side!


Something good came out of the 3 years though since I at the 1st of June officially was in a relationship with my boyfriend. We had been in the same class for all 3 years, but we never really started talking until there was only about 1,5 month left of High School. How weird is that? All because of a stupid meme! I tell you guys… Memes can do good things to you! Nevertheless I feel really blessed with this lovely man who surely is a cliff in my life. Never underestimate the value of having someone in your life who is mentally strong and has great overview in almost every situation. Someone who supports you. Someone who knows you and can understand your feelings and thoughts even when you can’t manage to do it yourself. We celebrated our 6 months anniversary the day before christmas and what an amazing evening that was!


Another awesome event this year was my trip to Visby on Gotland where I attended the Medieval Week. Together with my granddad we went on a road trip to Gotland where we both had the most outstanding experiences. I got my first real medieval dress and cloak, I found the bow I had been dreaming of and most of all I felt the atmosphere up there. I have never been a part of anything like it. I am for sure coming back – hopefully this summer! Not to forget I also met Menea, a dear friend, for the first time real life. It was so weird to suddenly stand face to face, but even though we didn’t have much time together we had so much fun. I will keep that week in my heart forever!


Alvaro’s sickness
The most devasting down part of this year was when Alvaro suddenly started acting like something was wrong. I will not go so much into this one as most of you already knows the whole story… Either way it was just a few weeks before my final exam and I tell you it took a lot of my attention and energy to try to solve his problem. We kept trying a million of different things to help him sort out whatever the problem was, but without any luck for the first 5-6 months or so. As you might know we do think we have reached some kind of a solution now and seeing Alvaro being better was probably one the best ways I could probably have ended my 2016! Actually I had my first few steps of trot on him on the day of New Years Eve for so many months. That was really magical and almost an unreal feeling.


I took a huge step in my way with horses when I had my first student in the beginning of 2016. It was the start of something that really have evolved over the months and I never thought it would expand so much in just a single year. I have really met some great people and horses when I have been around the country. Besides it has also been bringing extremely much new knowledge to me as I have found new ways to approach problems and find the missing parts of partnerships. This year I have been with more than 16 different students around the country with some of whom I have been more than 5 times at this point. Personally that has been really huge to me as I never expected things to grow this fast, but it was also been somewhat of a challenge to perform in such way with no former experience! I can only say that I am really looking forward to see what 2017 will bring on this matter…


Of course I should mention my blog as well now that I am writing here. I also find it relevant as 2016 was the year I actually started making something out of this blog. A short time after I made it in 2015 I kinda forgot about its existence and got pretty bored with it. Also I didn’t find the mental capacity to come up with ideas, write texts, make photos and everything else that is needed to drive a blog. I think it really gave me some space after I graduated this summer though and I enjoy this so much for now. Besides I kinda miss writing my english essays in school (I never thought i should say that) so I have pretty much made my own way of getting to write something on here. Not to forget that I really love to gather my writings and communicate with you all on a little more personal platform than Instagram or Facebook as it usually is!


Torrin under rider
It is always a special things to get on a horse for the first time and things were no different with Torrin. He is the only horse besides Alvaro on which I have been the first person and the one to prepare him for it. I decided to do things a little different with Torrin the first times as I crawled on top of him without any equipment at all. That was an AMAZING feeling. I had so much trust in him and he obviously felt the same way about me since he acted so calm about the whole thing. I am really looking forward to him getting older so we can start riding more and maybe start with some trot or canter. It is very exciting for me to see how he evolves and at this point I have honestly no idea how he will be as a riding horse. He is a very special little guy after all, but I guess he will grow out of some of his opinions with age – haha! 


How has your year been? Any ups and downs you want to share? 

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