Mystery of Alvaro pt. 4

Mystery of Alvaro pt. 4

It has almost been 2 weeks now since we took the next step in getting Alvaro back on track. In Mystery of Alvaro pt. 1 I wrote about a friend of mine, Tina, who does craniosacral therapy along with other things and she did return for a second visit on this particular friday a little while ago. As you know Alvaro had been through telepathy and healing since he visited the first time and therefore we were kinda excited to see how his body would be now and how he would respond. To the great surprise and joy for Tina and myself he was much more alive than last time she was with us. She was actually really overwhelmed to see him so spirited, curious and happy!


Tina has a special gift of sensing how others feel, if they are in pain and where it is located. Therefore she was also taking some quiet moments with Alvaro where she walked around him, layed her hands on him and tried to sense how he felt at those particular spots. One of the places was around his SI-joint that has earlier been problematic. The weird thing is that there was no pain for her to feel (neither did he seem to bother), but she saw other signs of it being a little out of place. Yet we all believe that it could be a result of the issue in his neck and therefore she moved on to his head and neck. If it doesn’t sort itself out after a while then we might decide to go back and take a further look at the joint and the lower-back again.


I should add a little funny experience to this section… A few minutes after she arrived she was in the stable with me and Alvaro. At some point she started to look a little dizzy and she told me how she was extremely affected by Alvaros breathing, body-situation and maybe something else too. I had not been focusing on myself at any moment and suddenly she realized that I was almost not breathing which clearly affected his state of being. Therefore she came to calm me and make me breathe in all of my body and only a few moments afterwards she was all fine again. Also Alvaro calmed really much down and relaxed much more than before! It was pretty impressive too see actually…


Last time she was visiting us she tried to work around his neck and I believe it was the occipital bone to be more precise. I know for sure that is was around atlas either way.  I obviously do not have enough knowledge on this subject, but something up there is supposed to be able to move freely and kinda from side to side. Either way it was stiff as a board last time. Point is that last time she tried to work up there he simply would not allow it. He threw his head away or lifted it so high that she could not possibly reach. This time on the other hand he clearly allowed it and he even seemed to feel asleep for short moments while her hands was doing their job up there. By the end of her treatment the neck actually started to become soft and she could tell me that was is supposed to be moveable suddenly DID move as it should! That was great news and Alvaro seemed very satisfied with it as well.

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Later on she also introduced him to a whole new ‘exercise’. He did not have to do anything, but she grabbed an ear of his with each of her hands and kindly pulled them to the side. I have never seen this done before, but she explained to me that they were connected to the meninges. I think we could describe it as the thin layer around the brain. The point of this exercise was to remove possible tensions and headache which we believe he has been struggling with since this problem arrived. Luckily also has no issues whatsoever with anyone touching his ears and therefore he could simply relax even though he did not seem to understand at first what she was doing. She also tested to see if his tongue bone was locked, but fortunately this was not the case.


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  • I really like your writing style! It is so reasonable and I feel like I am able to feel your feelings. I’m pretty happy to see him being better; that the energy you put in it is showing good results. But I have a question: Did you get an opinion of the vet? My mother always calls the vet to ask her opinion. A good example would be our 20 year old norwegian fjordhorse mare. We thought she had her SI-joint locked which would have caused pain and stumbling. Later on the vet said she has something like kissing spines in a more painful form. The same symptoms would arise but we didn’t have to pay for an osteopath, too. Now she wears a blanket and visibly has got less pain. I have to add that the vet is a really good and trustful one but it maybe could help to ask one. If you did not do it already. For sure it is your decision and I think that the treatments Alvaro got also do their part of healing him. Is he better now? I noticed in your post that his last treatment was some time ago. I want to hear all the news so I can share your thoughts!
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you for sharing your story. I have not got an opinion fromt the vet yet because all the experts I have been talking to have told me that what he struggles with isn’t something a vet can help with. Not right now at least. It is always a good idea though to contact the vet otherwise and of course I would do it if we got to a point where I found it necessary 😉

      He is much better now and it has been a long time since I have seen him so happy. He is still a little unsure about the whole riding thing, but his joy and pleasure in life has returned. He wants to move, perform, jump around and show off. It is so amazing!

      Once again thank you for sharing. I am sorry I haven’t seen your comment until now, but hopefully that is alright !

      Best from Sophie

      • Of course it is alright, I already wondered about it but it is no problem! I understand why you didn’t ask the vet. I am truly happy about Alvaro being back on track again and I am also happy that you don’t have to think about it all the time!
        Wishing you the best💖

  • Sophie look into the masterson method, (Jim masterson). There is a book & dvd, you will be able to help Alvaro yourself, he can release a lot of tension himself with very gentle guideance from you. With the relationship you two have, I’m certain you could help him immensely. Many of Jims methods are on YouTube. My horse prefers this method to any other type of body work & it feels wonderful to be able to assist him myself. I use professionals too for him.

    • Hi Maxine. Thank you for leaving a comment here! It sounds really interesting with the Masterson Method and actually I recall hearing about it earlier too. I just never really found the time to look into it… Maybe I should do that now! It sounds so lovely that you are able to help your horse yourself from the use of this method. What a lucky pony. Once again thank you for sharing your experiences and advice!

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