Mystery of Alvaro pt. 3

Mystery of Alvaro pt. 3

Yesterday was another exciting day. Seems to me we have many of those days at the moment! We was visited by Filichia Maleika who did the telepathy with Alvaro only 1,5 week ago. She visited us to give Alvaro a healing session which hopefully would be able to help him and his body. Healing is a bit unlike the other kinds of treatment he has tried because it works focusses mostly on the energies and on restoring these to make balance in the body.


I went to the pasture shortly before our visitor arrived and the boys still had a little left of their breakfast. Therefore it was much to my surprise to see Alvaro LEAVE his breakfast to meet me by the gate! He never leaves his food? Already by then I know that he was aware of what was going to happen. Inside the stable he looked around and went to say hallo to those nearby – checking out if they were to one to look at him. It was so obvious that we was fully aware of the situation! Alvaro was completely comfortable with our visitor from the moment she arrived. He stood quietly most of the time while she did her job on healing, restoring energies and other things. He checked up on her once in a while to she what she was doing, had a few moments of ‘stress’ when he felt things happening inside his body, but was kind and calm most of the time.


At one point she was holding her hands on his lower back where much of his issues also is located. I was standing in front of Alvaro, but suddenly I got such a strange feeling in MY lower back. It felt like it was sleeping – like when you have been sitting on your foot and it feels totally weird until the blood is properly added to it again. I felt all stiff and I tried to move a little in silence to feel if I was just imagining something. Nope – I totally felt it! I have never experienced such thing before, but it was kinda awesome and a little creepy at the same time I must admit…


We also spend time warming up his kidneys to help his body maintain the energy. That way it will be easier for his him to ‘repair’ his own body and have the strength to keep everything in place. He thought it was a little weird at first how we both put our hands on him, but after just a few moments he found calmness again. I believe he knew that we did only things to help him!


After more than one hour of healing on him we went to the arena to let him have some space. Allow him to move if he felt the need. Continue if he wanted and such. He stayed nearby us most of the time and allowed a little more healing here and there. At one point he left us to go the the opposite end of the arena. He looked at us, turned around and trotted happily all the way back to us? He rarely does things like that – especially not with his current situation. It was so great to see him calm, happy and energetic like that!


When we were done with everything I went back home accompanied by my mother. From the moment I came home it was like all energy in me left my body. I went to the couch right away because I felt completely beside myself. I fell asleep in no time and slept for 1,5 hour straight until I was awakened. Even by then I felt weird. I was dizzy, my legs were feeling all limp and in any other case I could have sworn I was sick! Well I wasn’t. I even felt better after Torrin had me running around in the pasture with the energy I did not have. I am certain that Alvaro was not the only one who was affected by the healing, but he was also really tired when we went to them in the evening with their dinner!

We feel confident that Alvaro feels better after his treatment, but of course it is not easy to tell yet. I am really looking forward to visit him today! At least we know that he will have better chances of helping himself which is really a good thing right now…

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