Mystery of Alvaro pt. 2

Mystery of Alvaro pt. 2

Sometimes I believe fate is involved in what happens and this was one of those cases… About one month back I got contacted by a kind woman who works with telepathy, healing, clairvoyance and other spiritual things. The reason why is not important to the story, but when I decided to get rid of Alvaro’s issues once and for all some weeks back, she immediately popped up in my mind. Why had she contacted me all of a sudden? I decided with myself that she had occurred in my life because she was going to have a say in whatever was going on with Alvaro…

Briefly after my little ‘epiphany’ I contacted her and we agreed on doing a telepathy session with Alvaro. She had a session with him while I was on the phone and I was so eager to listen and take notes at the same time. She told me a lot of interesting things and she also started to mention the problem in the neck that I had not told her about. Furthermore she was able to tell me that it is derived from him stepping on the rope and causing himself a huge pressure in the neck when he has pulled his head up. I have SEEN this happen and it made so perfect sense to me!


I have seen so much frustration in him since all of this started half a year ago and frustration was also one topic she told me about. She told me how it frustrates him to have issues in his body because it keeps him from training and playing with me. He really wants to do it, but when he tries it doesn’t feel good and then he becomes angry and frustrated. I could not agree more with her when she said so! He has always been very serious about his training and also extremely committed to what we have been doing. Therefore it might be one of the worst things in the world for him not to be able to perform and take part in what we usually do. Oh my poor little man… It is so much Alvaro!

Once again I was also told about his appreciation of closeness with me and how he is really selective in not only people, but also other horses. If he doesn’t feel they can contribute with something then he doesn’t care about them. It stems so well from what I have experienced with him, but it is always much fun to get it confirmed.


We also touched subjects such as his general health, need of vitamins and minerals, his relation to me as well as Torrin,training preferences and many other exciting things It was such a great conversation I had with her and it really gave me new hope on everything!

If you are interested in more of Filichia Maleika’s work you can find her Facebook page called; Healing Angelheart … Here is a direct link! 

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