Mystery of Alvaro pt. 1

Mystery of Alvaro pt. 1

As many of you know things has not been all good with Alvaro for the past 6 months. I have written a little on the subject before, but never really gone truly to the bottom of it. It has been a very huge issue to me seeing him like this and I have been trying not to let all the bad stuff take over.

He has been through 4 or 5 experts who has given him different treatments and every time we thought we had localised and solved the problem. It is just that they never did… I have felt moments of faith and happiness that things would finally be all good again, but for some reason my gut has been telling me all along that something was still bothering him. Even though experts told me he was all good and ready to start training again. I think people must have been so tired of my constantly asserting that something was still wrong when we were told otherwise by people with much more knowledge on the subject…

We solved stiffness in his lower back. We solved a locked SI-joint. We have solved issues in his shoulders. We have been through so many things, found issues, solved them and yet things has not become any better!


The past month I have started to become a little desperate because it has been going on for so long by now. Especially because things has become worse since it all started back in June. Fate would have it I started talking to 2 different women around the same time. One of them is primarily doing telepathy and healing. The other one works with craniosacral therapy, but combines it with other kinds of treatment and has a very alternative approach to this case.

A few weeks back we was visited by my friend who does the craniosacral therapy. She went through Alvaro’s body and found different things in him. Most importantly though she found out that he was REALLY stiff in his neck. Things that are supposed to be subtle and moveable was completely locked. We could not solve the problem just like that, but at least we found the problem. Also she told me that it was possible that this issue would cause him a terrible headache!

So far so good… She went back home still trying to figure out what we could do for him, but at least we came a little closer to figure out what was wrong…


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  • I’m so sorry to hear this! I’ve been through a similar situation with my horse. Vets keep telling me that she’s fine she just needs “worked” which indidnt geel comfortable with because I felt like she was still in pain.

    I hope you get everything figured out soon!!

    • Ugh I know the feeling you are talking about! It is so terrible to stand in such situation because you have no idea where to start… Thank you so much for your support and I hope everything will work out for you too <3

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