It has now become Torrin’s turn to be exposed through lots of facts! 

1. His full name is Torrin of Talisker.

2. He is a Highland Pony, which is a native scottish breed.

3. He was born in England and came to Denmark at the age of 9 months.

4. He has several special markings such as the zebra-stripes on his legs and his dorsal stripe.

5. He is sensitive, but a very extrovert horse, who clearly shows how he feels. He rarely allows himself to do something he doesn’t want to.


6. He is much of a pleaser. He is always striving to do his best.

7. He is very motivated and almost impossible to tire out. I thought it would be an easy job to tire a youngster, but well… I was wrong.

8. He is not shoed and hopefully he can stay that way.

9. He has never been ridden due to his young age.

10. I am wishing for him to become a good trail horse, but also to educate him through the academic art of riding.

11. He occures to be very stubborn and overwhelming to those who doesn’t know him because he doesn’t hold himself back when he gets an idea or feels a need.

12. He is extremely social with humans as well as horses, dogs, cats etc.

13. He is not much of a one man horse. I believe he could be handled by most people as long as they understand him. He really becomes related to those who are near him though.

14. He is amazing to work with at liberty due to his great motivation and desire to be with humans.


15. He has huge gaits compared to his size. I am really excited to experience them from his back as a rider.

16. He loves exploring and he enjoy the wild nature very much.

17. He is always very enthusiastic and happy no matter what you ask from him. He just wants to do something.

18. He loves to play – with horses as well as humans.

19. He is really clever and much of a fast learner. I am actually struggling to come up with ideas that can be a little challenging to him.

2o. He is extremely brave. Overcoming his fears in just a moment.

21. His so far biggest fear is people on bicycles. We are getting there though and he has become pretty cool with that lately as well. One less thing to train on – damn it…


22. He is not very patient. He wants to do something all the time and if I am becoming bored he figures out something to do by himself. Kinda cute, but a bit exhausting once in a while – haha. It is a great help that he is starting to find a little more calmness in himself!

23. He was exported to Denmark to become a breeding stallion, but the new owner found another (grown up) stallion while he was on his way. Therefore he became a gelding at the age of 1.5 year.

24. He is around 1.45 m tall.

25. He is very fond of rolling and that made it very easy to teach him ‘lay down’.


26. He is extremely hairy in the cold months. Kinda looking like a small polar bear.

27. He is always causing confusion because nobody can figure out what breed he is.

28. He neighs very often when we arrive at the farm or when I come back to the pasture with Alvaro after training.

29. He doesn’t look like a 2yo at all. He is actually supposed to become much wider when he becomes older. I am very excited to see how big he is going to get!

30. He has lots of confidence and doesn’t really have his feelings hurt like insecure horses such as Alvaro.



Did you know everything about him? Or do you have any other questions? 

4 thoughts on “31 FACTS ABOUT TORRIN”

  • I love your horse. When my mum was a kid my horse just like him!
    I absolutely lobe love love his full name!💚❤💛💙💜💖

  • Hi, my name is April, I am 12 yr old. I just read your story about how you got Alvaro, and it was so similar to mine! I looked at sales horses for almost two years and my mom and dad were helping me. We went to England to see a few horses but I didn’t find ‘the one’. Then a I myself found a Danish warmblood 5yr gelding with a absolute to die for sweet face and gorgeous paces. I slept with his picture, and then my mom and I went to Denmark to see him. And I was 100% in love with him. Now he is with me in Malta (a small island in the Mediterranean) and he is a very quiet and a one person horse and will stand by my side all the time. He loves cuddles. I really don’t have much experience with young horses, and I want to ride him bitless, but he is ridden in a bit and saddle all his life as he is bred to do dressage. But I am doing liberty with him and so far he likes the bow most. He is very sensitive and responsive, and so far he likes liberty work. But we play a lot together so we have fun. Could u give me some tips? I am only 12 and I don’t have much experience, but I have been riding horses since 4. You are my inspiration and motivation.

    • Hello April. Thank you very much for your words and what an amazing story! It sound truly magical with the two of you. It is really nice that you do liberty training and listens to your horse. I am sure he appreciates it <3 With the bitless riding I think you should just try it out. You can also try riding with bitless and bit at the same time with two reins and only use the bit if he doesn't understand you. When he is comfortable with your signals in the bitless bridle you can drop the bit 😉 I hope you could use it – otherwise feel free to ask again!

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