Empathic soul

Empathic soul

Yesterday I went to teach one of my regular students and her horse. She had planned to ride during the session and since she rides an arabian mare (wgo very easily gets tense), we worked mostly on relaxation and lowering of the neck and head. It was our second lesson with this exact topic and they have made great improvements since I saw them last time. The first 30 minutes went so great, but then suddenly the mare refused to pick up the trot on the right lead. From one second and to the next the problem occurred all of a sudden. Every time she was asked to move forward she would look out of the circle as if she was trying to avoid some kind of pain, irritation or something like it. We kept asking her kindly as we wondered she might just be a little tired and tried to say “no thanks – I am tired now”. Yet that did not seem to be the case and the behaviour continued. I asked my student to stop the mare and I went to her left side to see if I could find any sore muscles or anything else that might hurt her. As I reached her butt she simply started pushing towards me and asked me to keep rubbing her. Obviously that was not a sore spot, but just her enjoying my little massage on her butt. I continued to wonder and did not get any wiser on what was going on nor what caused her change of behaviour.

We decided not to provoke the mare anymore and ended the session quietly as she just walked with her a bit after I left. I told her to just keep an eye on her and see if the behaviour kept being there or went away before the next day. Towards the end of our session I started to feel a terrible pain in the left side of my stomach. I was rather annoyed with it as it hurt like hell, but I kept quiet as not to interrupt my student and ruin her lesson. I wrote it off the have been caused by too little lunch as I have experienced terrible stomachache for that reason previously more than once. Usually it takes about 1 hour at least before it settles and my stomach stops complaining… When I left my student and the mare to drive home with my dad I told him as the first thing when I sat in the car that I must had too little lunch. That I had a terrible pain in my stomach. When I came home 10 minutes later it was still there, but within nothing less than 5 minutes it was completely gone. I even tried to provoke it by moving around a bit because I simply could not believe where it went. I had not eaten anything yet?

I don’t know why the idea crossed my mind, but for some reason I decided to write to my student. I asked her to please try and put her hand on the mare’s stomach in the left side and see if she gave any responses. Only a few minutes passed before she replied and told me that the mare became furious, swished her tail and laid down her ears. I was completely blown away. Could it really be? Could it really be the case that the terrible pain I felt was not even my own, but actually the reason why the mare started acting weird all of a sudden? I probably never will know for sure, but even though I don’t think I have ever experienced something as clear as this before I believe that there must have been a connection between the two things. It was sort of a creepy experience, but at the same time a huge gift for me to experience that I actually can be able to let so much in that I feel the pain of another being. Through all the books I have read written my empathic and connected people I have heard about the ability to share a thought of feeling with another being. I have always dreamt about one day being able to feel it on my own body and mind too, but I was never sure if that ever would be reality…

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  • What a beautiful and affirming post!
    If you’ve read any of Linda Kohanov’s books (Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds) she talks about sociosensual awareness. Basically, it means we are all connected and it can be quite confusing at times especially when we pick up on incongruent emotions from another human and start expressing or provoking those behaviours in another.
    I have felt similar things being with my gelding Prowler (who passed on April 21st of this year at the ripe old age of 31). I taught him he could point to a spot on his body, or put it in front of me to be touched/released etc.. Sometimes it was inconvenient for me as I had a ‘plan’ for the session.
    Just goes to show we have to be willing to go with what they are willing to offer yes? One of my favourite teachers/trainers Karen Rohlf of ‘Dressage Naturally’ has a saying that I love… “Never ask a horse to maintain something that they didn’t willingly offer.” You definitely followed that in your session with the student and horse here, but the catchy phrase can help remind us.
    thank you as always for your beautiful posts!! xo

    • That is indeed a wonderful quote. I will take that with me on my further journey and might even have a closer look at Karen? I have never heard of her before! I have however read ALL the books from Linda Kohanov (some of them twice – haha) and I LOVE them to the bits. Especially the two that you mention. I think you are completely right that what I experienced was this sociosensual awareness. Quite amazing isn’t it?

      It sounds like you had a stunning relationship with your gelding. May he rest in peace… Such a companionship only arises from true love, accept and understanding. You should be proud of yourself for reaching that with him! Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, stories and kind words with me. I am sure others will enjoy reading as well. Best from Sophie

      • Thank you so much for your beautiful blog and for being humble enough to share what you are learning with the world. Horses have so many gifts for us when we are humble enough to stay open and keep on our learning journey.
        Thank you also for your words of condolences. It has been a very difficult 4 months but horses keep coming into my life that need healing and there’s a mare here who is being rehomed to an equine assited therapy program so I am helping her get comfortable with all kinds of things. I’d a bit challenging as I don’t have months to do this so I am pressuring her more than I would like, but with lots of love and compassion.
        Do check out Karen’s video classroom! 1/2 price the first month and 4 years worth of videos!! Lots of jewels. Letme know what you think if you do look. you can also find her on youtube if you want more of a sneakpeak. http://dressagenaturally.net

  • What an incredible experience! How is the mare doing?
    And thank you for sharing this with us!
    I love to read your blog posts♥

    • It was very stunning for me to experience for sure! Even though I did not believe it at first… The mare is doing much better and she was already better the next day. We will probably never know what caused her pain, but the good part is that she is happy again <3 Thanks a lot for leaving a comment for me!

    • It was a really big thing to me really! At first I thought I was a bit silly for even believing that could be the reason why my stomach hurt, but when the young girl then “tested” her and she clearly responded? I could not believe it!

  • I myself am a high sensitive empathy. I feel everything. Often times I can’t tell whether it’s my own stuff or someone else’s. When working with horses if I’m not careful I can take too much tightness on from other people and it effects my horsemanship! It’s crazy but I can even feel when someone isn’t breathing. And strange enough. Lately we have had way to many of our horses colicing…every single time I have had such a terrible gut ache I thought I was going to throw up. I couldn’t even be near the horse it was so bad. Being an empath is such a wonderful skill Becuase you can help others through their emotional pain Becuase you truely know what it feels like. I didn’t want to belive it at first but ya incredible gift of mine now. Becuase it helps my horsemanship so much!

    • Wow Shelly…. It sounds AMAZING! I can imagine it must take some practise to also “shut it out” sometimes since it otherwise must be very hard to take in everything all the time.. What a gift you have! I hope to be able to go even further into this and be able to open up more to feelings in this way. Not just something you do just like that – haha 😉 Lovely to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your story with me and the others in here!

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