Dreams are for everyone…

Dreams are for everyone…

Dreams are for everyone and no matter how far I come there will always be dreams for the future. This thought occurred to me while I spent some time looking through photos the other day. Not only my own photos, but other’s as well. I realized how far I have come with my dreams since I was a little girl, but at the same time I discovered how far away my destination seems to be… This sounds a bit dark, but if not misunderstood it actually describes it very well. There are so terribly many things I dream of doing and being able to do and I can never be sure if they will ever be reality. Can I ?

Back when I started riding I felt so amazed looking at girls who were able to ride around without a saddle. I dreamt of doing likewise for a long time and when it finally happened I was so excited. It was like a whole new world had opened its doors to me. As years passed, riding bareback became more a standard than riding with a saddle and now I don’t even think about it before jumping on. Over the years things has changed and what once seemed to be so mesmerising is no longer something that stands out from the rest.


What I am trying to say with this short story is that we get used to whatever we do. Even though it seemed to be a big deal once, the ‘magic’ sometimes seems to disappear as months or years pass and it becomes normal. We strive for more while we forget to consider how far we have come since we started. Looking at how things used to be always makes me appreciate where I am now a little more!

I have loads of dreams for the future. With some of them I have an idea how to make them reality and with others I simply have no clue at all what so ever. I believe most of you know THAT feeling? It is literally one of the most frustrating situations to be in. To clearly see this picture of what I want, but at the same time not knowing how to get there. That is something I am good at. Thinking way to much and becoming frustrated of not knowing how to solve the ‘problem’. It usually pays much more off to just go with the flow and let things happen by themselves. A difficult thing to practice for my, but one can only do their best!


I guess I just wanted to spread a little light out there. To share with you that no matter how far away your dreams seems to be, I am certain that ALL of you have travelled a lot since you started. That what you now take for granted once was a dream as well as your dreams are now. We all have dreams. No matter what we do with our horses, for how long we have done it or how far we have come since we started!

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  • I really enjoyed reading this. The thoughts you mention are very familiar to me. I’ve actually spent a lot of time thinking about this, how the magic disappears, how to keep the magic alive by looking back, and how things that I used to think were never going to happen to me suddenly are my reality. Funny how life has a way of changing things 🙂 Thanks for a nice reading!

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