CJ Proline

Usually a riding helmet would not be the kind of accessory that completes your outfit, but with this gorgeous Scharf helmet of mine I am actually considering that it might do. The past few years I have been so annoyed with my riding helmet because it has been pressuring on my forehead and generally just annoyed me in so many ways and it is felt so plastic like. Yet it was a completely different experience to pack out this helmet when I received it and it was a bit like packing out a piece of quality. Even though it is really lightweight it feels so robust and most importantly it has a perfect fit. It is really soft inside which makes sure that it will not put any annoying pressure on your head and I am just generally very satisfied with it! The most awesome thing about the Scharf helmets is that you can almost design it exactly as you want it with colors, stones, leather and so on. Interested about getting one yourself? Check out CJ Proline.