Bucket list : Photo shoots

Bucket list : Photo shoots

I have been having this one in mind for so long. This shoot involves my outfit from the Medieval festival this summer on Gotland in Visby. Long dress, cloak, leather belt and my beautiful handmade leather bag. I don’t know why I haven’t made this shoot yet, but I am most certainly looking forward to it! Yet I still need to figure out the equipment for the horse/horses in this shoot. I need something new. Something with a medieval look. Something special and most definitely handmade. Down below you see my outfit from Gotland. I completely adore it and it was so lovely to wear this kind of clothes for a whole week. I could totally do more of those festivals and the clothes that follow!


Native with horse
Actually I have been planning for this shoot to get going for a long time, but somehow it hasn’t really happened yet. It obviously involves a minimum of equipment, feathers and something ‘native-looking’ for me. We have something that looks like a wooden tipi nearby and I am thinking about including it as a background for this shoot. I believe it would provide a better atmosphere and of course a little different background than usually. I have always been really fascinated by the natives with their way of living in this world, their philosophies and their way of acting and being among animals. The thought of living in tipis, being a part of the nature in a natural way and riding without equipment in the fields is kinda attractive if you ask me! I could totally get used to that.

On the beach
It is a dream of mine to bring at least one of my boys to the beach one day. Hereby I do not mean a lake or an inlet like I have already tried with Torrin, but the big sea. I talk water as far as you can see and some waves would be more than perfect as well. Outfit could be a light dress maybe or something elegant like it. At least if the weather is quiet and beautiful. Otherwise it could be turned into a whole different atmosphere with the wild sea, wind and such which would be pretty cool as well. This one is probably best in summer, but luckily we have the sea fairly nearby and Torrin has no problem with the trailer. All in all this should be within reach and something I hope to do this summer. This picture was taken in 2014 less than a year after I got Alvaro. He looks so young!


Woods and camp fires
I see a shelter in the woods. I see a camp fire. I see reindeer hides. I see a girl and her horse. Actually this might be more of an experience than an actual photoshoot, but I think it would be an experience that could provide me some eminent photos. Just as a little bonus you know. A cozy atmosphere with adventure and magic in it. Of course I would also need a matching outfit. It could be a woollen sweater and comfy boots or something like it? I am still coming up with ideas and of course it would have to be practical as well if the sleepover it going to happen! Nevertheless I love the idea and I totally expect this sleepover to be reality at some point.

Mounted archery
This of course demands Alvaro to get back into regular riding first. Hopefully that will be more within reach than to wait for Torrin to be ridden in canter without equipment in the field – ha ha. Of course I will have to make a shoot with my awesome hungarian bow on horse back. How could I ever resist that opportunity! I imagine the photos to be with only a neck rope and in canter of course across open field, in woods or on the beach. I am not quite sure about this particular detail yet. It would be so cool to get this done one day. A little close-up on the bow I bought this summer on Gotland. I was so happy when I finally found it after I had been searching online for months for the right one!


You most likely wouldn’t call this a photoshoot, but it includes pictures and therefore needs a place on my bucket list! I wish to someday go on an expedition with one of the boys – only me and my pony – for some days or a little week. Wandering off with a back pack and saddlebags to enjoy ourselves, each other and the nature around us. When I succeed with this plan one day I am planning on bringing a small camera to perpetuate our expedition and experiences. Not only to share with all of you, but also as beautiful memories. Even the thought of this makes me wanna go right away! I have had this dream of being just myself and my horse in the wild for many years, but now I finally feel like I could actually realise this dream of mine.

The Dress
This is such a girly dream, but I am a girl whatsoever and therefore I find it to be okay, haha. I have not decided on the color of the dress yet, but is has so be BIG and BEAUTIFUL! It might be a wedding dress or maybe not. I guess time will show and then I might come across something nice while I am looking and considering. This is thought as a romantic shoot. No warriors or weapons. Simply love, grace and beauty. I actually have some wreathes of roses that I haven’t used yet. They might work too! And maybe in a sunset? I am still in love with this photoshoot though. The pictures were taken in august 2015. What an amazing evening that was…


Mysterious mist
I have already done a couple of shoots in the mist, but I have to admit that I will never get enough of them. I love the way the background disappears and turns into a white, light duvet. There is something magical, but yet mysterious about it. Next time I get the opportunity I need to experiment a little more with the looks of it. See if we can disappear a little bit into the mist or give it another look than what we usually do. It is really fun to work with photos made in heavy mist. I always enjoy looking back at those shoots! They are so clean, so unique and so fine with the simplicity of the pictures. Do you catch my drift with this mist-thing? Isn’t it simply magical and so special? It looks like something made in a studio, but the pictures are actually taken in the pasture the first morning of 2016. Such an outstanding way to start they year!


Do you have any dreams or ideas for photoshoots you would either like to see or do yourself? Please share with me whatever pops into your mind. I would love to hear!

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