A night in the stables

A night in the stables

Last summer had many magical moments, but some were even more amazing than others. One of the greatest stories is from a night in the stables…

Alvaro’s paddock-buddy had just moved on this day and I had months before seen how sad he was when he had no other horses to be with. A new buddy was on his way, but he couldn’t be there until 3 days later. The summerdays were long and Alvaro enjoyed the green fields all the long while the sun was shinning. My bad conscience didn’t arrive before we reached the afternoon – the night was close. I couldn’t bare to leave him all alone and therefore I decided to put up a bed inside his shelter.


I sat outside with him until it started getting dark and I then went inside with my book and my headlamp. I placed myself on my bed filled with reindeer hides and read until I fell asleep. I believe the clock was around 4am the following morning when I first woke. I was still a little dizzy, but from the first glance around my eyes got caught just by my side. Less than half a meter from me Alvaro was laying in the stray. He looked right into my eyes and I admired him for a little while until I feel back into sleep.

Just half an hour later I felt my bed moving a little. I immediately woke up and saw my big boy standing there. He believed it was time to get up and had now woken me up as well. I didn’t even mind getting my shoes on, but walked with him outside in my woollen socks. A heavy mist was laying over the fields and the sun had not woken up yet. We stood outside for a little while and enjoyed each other as well as our surroundings before I went back to bed…


Sun had finally shown when I woke up again, but that was not the only thing capturing my attention. The thing was… Alvaro had, without I knew, gone back to bed with me. He was laying on his side, sleeping. His muzzle was very much alive and he made some sweet, little noises. I have never seen him sleeping in this spot before, but he clearly enjoyed sleeping close to me, which was amazing to see. Meanwhile the sun was shinning through the openings. We just stayed there for several minutes until he at last woke up and laud there looking right into my eyes. This is what meet my eyes when I woke up!



This was one of our beautiful summer stories!

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  • Aah loved this little story, I had something similar. It was an Wednesday or so and I still had to go to school but it was so nice and warm and my horse, Lucky, looked at me like he was saying “come and join me”. So I ran into my house and grabbed some blankets. I made a bed on my trampoline and laid there watching my boy for an hour or two. I then fell asleep and had the nicest sleep in months. The best part of it was the morning, I was a little dizzy and felt a little cold when I felt a soft and warm breath into my face. It was Lucky who was trying to wake me up. 🙂

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