A gift in the mishaps

A gift in the mishaps

Sickness or injury always comes in a bad time and is never welcomed. Isn’t it always that way? It is inappropriate and annoying and when it comes down to it we all just hate it. Whether it be our horses our ourselves that are the unlucky one. I have never felt otherwise myself, but by the time I suddenly stood with a horse who had most likely strained something in his leg, I somehow felt forced to look at things in a different way. It seemed obvious that he would need a lot of rest to make his leg heal and by the time I knew that, I decided that it was time to approach the mishaps with a new approach. What if I could be able to see the gift in our misfortune instead of only becoming annoyed and frustrated with it? What could possibly be the gift in an injury? I soon realized that it was actually not as hard to find as first expected…

The way I decided to look at it did not come completely from thought, but actually mostly as a result of spending time with my injured horse. He had become so quiet and relaxed because he knew he had to take care of his injured leg. Suddenly he was seeking even more human contact, closeness and togetherness. Then it struck me… Could it not really be a gift that we would suddenly be able to spend time together without any expectations, plans or the like? I am always trying my best to put aside expectations when I visit my horses, but even being aware sometimes simply isn’t enough. Yet with a situation like this where lots of rest is needed suddenly all my expectations would go away and that has made it possible for me to just relax in the moment. We would not be able to do anything either way due to the leg so we might as well just relax side by side and enjoy each others company.

I would not be able to just magically remove this injury and I can hardly believe that it would make anything heal faster if I just walked around thinking it was awful and annoying. I am on the contrary much more likely to think that the healing process will happen even faster if I share all the love, understanding and presence that I possibly can with my wounded warrior. Therefore I decided to spend the time evolving and nurturing our relationship. I decided to appreciate that the expectations I can sometimes feel around training is not present and how I instead are able to just enjoy, relax and enjoy every moment with him in peace. Both physically and mentally.

It is all about perspective and as human beings we have the possibility to decide for ourselves HOW we want to think about ourselves. We have the possibility of changing our mindset or starting to put our focus on other thing concerning a current situation. Should we not take advantage of that opportunity? Should we not use it wisely to be able to put ourselves in a position of thankfulness and appreciation rather than loathing or anger?

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