I feel like it is time for you to get to know Alvaro a little better! So here we go… 

1. He is pure spanish breed (PRE) and contains cartujano blood. The cartujano bloodline is considered the purest strain of spanish horses and has one of the oldest stud books in the world.

2. He is very sensitive and also described as introvert and insecure. His sensitivity can be a great advantage, but also a huge disadvantage for both of us.

3. He was born with his sensitive mind and has been extremely careful from the very beginning. His former owners (and breeders) hand fed him for months when he was a baby to make him trust in humans.

4. Despite his insecure mind and youth he is the leader of the herd. A kind one, but also one who demands to be respected.

5. He was born in Denmark and has been living here always.

6. He grew up with his half-brother (at the same age) as a stallion until he was 3.5 years old.


7. He is very fond of other animals – including horses as well as dogs and cats. He always wants to say hello and doesn’t mind walking around in circles to follow and investigate.

8. He was my first horse. I bought him when I was 16 and by the time he was only 3 years old.

9. He has been living in a loose housing system since he came to me.

10. He loves to observe! Just standing still and observing horses, humans and general life around him.

11. He has never tried having a bit in his mouth. I am planning on keeping him bitless.

12. He has to be handled with kindness, patience and understanding due to his insecure personality.


13. He is willing to do everything for you as long as he understands what you ask from him.

14. He is much of a ‘one-man horse’ and prefers to be handled by the persons he trusts and knows well.

15. He is around 160 m tall – perfect size!

16. He has never been ridden by other persons than me.


17. He is very human in his way of acting and expresses how he feels very well. Either way it can be hard to figure out exactly what he thinks or feels once in a while.

18. He loves exploring wild terrain. From his point of view we should never use the paths, but create our own when riding or walking in nature.

19. He has never been shoed, and I hope he can stay barefoot.

20. Several people has told me that canter is his strongest and best gait. I must admit – it keeps getting better and larger!


21. He is very sensitive when being ridden. If I shift my weight a little too much he immediately stops. It can be a bit unpractical if done without knowing – holding on is a great skill in this case!

22. He has only ‘dropped’ me once – by accident. A deer suddenly jumped up in front of us and frightened him a lot. I kept holding on until he suddenly turned left to avoid the fence – I took a flight! He came back to me right away and checked if I was okay. Sweet boy.

23. He is a fast learner. Most things only takes a few tries.

24. He knows the tricks spanish lift and ‘smile’.

25. He is primarily trained from Academic principles, but much of what we do is made up from intuition.

26. He doesn’t mind training or playing in darkness.

27. He loves to make me proud and get praised. Too much once in a while, because he gets to focused on doing right and forgets to notice how he is feeling, which makes him a bit upset sometimes.

28. He loves to have an overview of the situation. He hates when he can’t see what is going on around him.

29. He needs new challenges very often. Doing the same for many days or riding in the same area makes him bored.

30. He looks like a bear in the winter because he doesn’t wear a blanket. He gets SO much fur, but for some reason it has become less from every year. The first year he was with me, people asked if he was a mix of Icelandic or New Forest. I bet he felt a bit insulted!

31. He buzzes when he becomes proud of himself or when I praise him.

32. He is the most patient horse I have ever met. When other horses become impatient he just stands by my side – sleeping, observing or having a moment of love.


How many things did you already know? 



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